Figures of Speech

It’s not the issue that all gods are dead, it’s that gods never existed in the first place.

Each and every concept that we can conjure up has life of some sort.  It doesn’t have to be a physical reality or even a theoretical one to exist.  It lives purely through imagination.  Characters in our favourite stories lend poetics and sayings that continue to exist through many generations, yet a lot of these were coined through fickle chance and random trial and error.  What resonates within one will usually have a response in another.  After all, we’re hardly unique.

In fact, the appearance of trends in our emotional evolution is no less visible than that of our physical attributes.  When you really consider difference between humans, there is very little to separate us from each other.  With the exception of extreme cases, and these are not even that confounding, we sit fairly rigidly in a tight average.  Genetics have supplied us with a history of our physical development and culture with our emotional one.

An individual may fully understand that having two legs is the ‘normal’ way a human should be shaped but are unlikely to have any idea of the underlying processes in which these two legs have come into existence in either themselves specifically or across humanity as a whole.  In the same way, we have notions of what is the correct emotional response in a given situation, but not really comprehend why we should be having it.

Evolutionary biology has allowed us to go beyond the concept of a creator and to investigate the genuine arrival of our species.  We should adapt the same approach to culture.

We question biology and as such we should question emotional response.  Thus we must analyse our feelings in relation to the reality of our situation, rather than the perceived or accepted truth.  Many of our societies’ cultural and emotional value systems are traced back to origins that have turned out never to have existed.  Therefore, many of our trained responses are ultimately based on lies, albeit mass believed ones.  Which logically leads us to question the very essence of our own emotional states.

It’s not that we don’t feel, it’s that we’ve never been free to do so.

Analysing Re-Analysis

The first post of a new millennium.  Which in fact is every post that I write, depending on which arbitrary start point you choose to anchor yourself to.  Different calendars appear to stand sharply in contrast, battling it out for when one should celebrate New Year’s Eve.  Even the most standard one needs an extra day every four years just to keep it in line.  Hardly a surprise we often wonder where the time went.  I’m assuming backwards and forwards, swirling around in little eddies and generally popping up where it shouldn’t and making a nuisance of itself.  If it exists at all.

Which brings me nicely on to the point I set out to make.  Nothing we hold as true, can necessarily be true.  Throughout our lives we connect ourselves to a set of random pillars that we use to support our own meaning of existence.  We hold tight to different concepts, patterns, emotions and rituals without ever questioning the foundations on which they were constructed.  Our worlds are built in much the same way as we have conceived of time.

It therefore seems prudent to examine each and every block that we have used to develop our lives, beliefs and systems of behaviour and response.  We should not hold anything dear or allow biased emotional attachments to obscure an objective analysis.  Our conclusions should also not be shied away from, regardless if we like them or not.

Which in itself draws attention to the obvious problem of analysis and transformation.  Once we’ve discarded all our arbitrary foundations, how are we able to stand independently?  We exist or don’t exist, depending on your viewpoint, in temporary, almost static evolutionary states.  We don’t have the ability to break completely from the structures that we may want to discard.  To live as devoid of random bonds as possible, you have to maintain continual re-analysis to keep ahead of new and re-emerging processes that will ultimately tie you again to those arbitrary pillars of existence.  Such as time.

And good luck living without that.